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Sync SharePoint features with your Microsoft Outlook!

Are you a sales or project person at your organization and don’t have time to work on your SharePoint intranet portal? This article will explain how you can utilize Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook synchronization to help you work on your tasks with ease. Synchronization means you can work right from Outlook and be completely productive—even when you’re on the go. Isn’t that a great way to impress your manager?

What types of files can you sync between SharePoint and Outlook?

You will be able to sync the following SharePoint features to your Outlook:

  1. Tasks
  2. Document Library
  3. SharePoint Calendar
  4. Discussion Board.

You can also integrate contacts to your Outlook.

Configuration – How to Sync SharePoint With Outlook

When talking about Outlook, please note that we are referring to Microsoft Offline Desktop version and not Outlook Online.

  1. Move to the SharePoint Web Part that you want to sync.
  2. Click on the tab seen on top left-hand side and open the last tab
  3. You can find “Connect to Outlook” tab, go ahead and click on it.

Connect to Outlook | SharePoint

You will receive a pop-up window asking to confirm the Outlook Sync. Click ‘Allow’ and the sync will start working.

Below is an example of one of our client’s key requirements. He wanted his sales reports and lead reports to sync with his Outlook App and for his meetings to be recorded in SharePoint, so whenever he adds a new meeting or task in Outlook, it gets reflected into the sales SharePoint calendar and vice versa.

Document Library Integration - Outlook

Document Library integration with Outlook

SharePoint Calendar Integration - Outlook

SharePoint Calendar integration with Outlook

SharePoint Discussion Board Outlook Integration

Discussion Board integration with Outlook

SharePoint Tasks integration with Outlook

SharePoint Tasks integration with Outlook

What You Need to Know:

  • Calendar sync is a two-way sync.
  • Tasks is a two-way sync.
  • Contacts is a two-way sync (Good for sales team, where any new contact added in Outlook gets replicated in your SharePoint and vice versa).
  • Discussion Board is a two-way sync.

In document libraries, there is only a one-way sync; meaning any files added to your SharePoint will be reflected on your Outlook Application.

Please note that any file that was synchronized from your SharePoint Portal cannot be deleted as it is “Read-Only.”

So, What’s the Verdict?

I highly recommend you not to synchronize document libraries into your Outlook application, because you will start experience a slowdown in the Outlook app and the file access is confusing. A perfect solution to this is syncing your SharePoint libraries with your OneDrive for Business (you can create workflows using Microsoft Flow too!)

For the rest of the features like calendar sync, tasks, contacts and discussion boards, this will be a right fit for users. Lower your clicks and searches with this integration feature and be even more productive!

Get in touch with our SharePoint Experts to learn more on how to get all these features integrated!