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Can a Credit Union Intranet Portal Narrow Down your Business Processes?

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Intranet portals have always been a savior for organizations by ensuring higher levels of productivity, communication and coordination within the employees and yes of course, compliance! To be precise, SharePoint Intranet Portals have played a great role in enhancing document management and other banking related workflows effectively.

The combination of business workflows and social initiatives with democratic models has boosted knowledge base solutions today.

It’s a competitive market out there. To outsmart the competitors, credit unions must follow technology drivers for streamlining business processes, boosting coordination and saving time among its affiliates.

What about having an intranet portal to provide workflow automation to your entire team? Give everyone easy access to data they require so that they can focus on ensuring best-in-class service for your community members!

Collaboration is the future and with SharePoint-based solutions like Dock Intranet Portal, you will be able to enhance your offerings with the latest reliable and safe financial services to your affiliates.

What Are the Key Features a Credit Union Intranet Portal Should Have?

Business Intelligence

Power Business Intelligence helps credit unions to analyze important information when you need to keep track of your existing customers and future clients effectively. By creating rich and effective visuals with your company’s data, Power BI helps you better management. An intranet portal with Power BI integration is surely the best tool for growing your credit union.

Mobile Friendly-Portal

With a mobile-friendly platform, your employees can easily engage and connect with dispersed teams. Intranet’s with mobile-friendly platform allows your employees to communicate and collaborate real-time anytime and anywhere with using their own mobile devices.

Multi-Device Usage

To make your intranet portal as effective as possible, make sure that it is accessible from multiple devices. On your computer, cell phone or tablets – your intranet should be equally as accessible. Our intranet platform is easy-to-use across all devices, helping your users to contribute from whatever device they have.

Internal Security and Compliance

Microsoft SharePoint Online and Office 365 come preloaded with internal security and compliance features that work with your company’s content management and data usage. The best part of choosing Microsoft Technology is it complies with regulatory, legal and technical standards. If your solution is built on top of Office 365, you don’t have to worry about security breaches.

Document Management

A perfect SharePoint document management system for credit unions ensures better storage and management of member details and lowers pressures on filing spaces. You will be able to bring more efficiency to your management team by lowering the time spent on document searches. The power of SharePoint search feature matched with Policies and Procedures Management Portals makes looking for documents simple. This suite also provides you with peace-of-mind that your documents are protected and can be backed up regularly.

Front Office Management

Your tellers need to be speedy and give out accurate information regarding your credit union services, right? Best-in-class customer service is the key for any credit union to outshine other financial services.

With the help of an efficient knowledge base management portal, your front desk employees can research and find information relevant to the queries asked by the customers and provide reliable services accordingly. With knowledge management systems for Credit Unions powered by SharePoint, your tellers will be able to manage their day-to-day tasks easily and efficiently. 

What are the Challenges?

Tellers are the main point of contact with your customers. The quality of service from your tellers will directly reflect to your brand reputation. The right technology for carrying out their tasks with better speed and accuracy will empower your tellers to serve your customers perfectly.

So, where’s the challenge? If you don’t have the right solution for your team, it will affect your customer service eventually, turning off your customers.

What Causes Customers to Become Frustrated?

  1. When tellers handle new applications that consume more time.
  2. Inaccurate member details or information.
  3. Usage of traditional paperwork.
  4. Inadequate information about credit union services.

How Can You Evade Those Challenges?

  1. Leverage the latest technologies for ensuring automated workflows and enhancing the flow of data and information to the employees.
  2. Bring in automated interfaces and functions for streamlining business processes.
  3. An easy user interface with simple navigation will help employees navigate to their desired content quickly.
  4. The intranet portal should enable tellers to attain cross-selling skills where they get complete access to the member details and can address their grievances or needs effectively.
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Good News! SharePoint is the Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management!

We are extremely delighted to see SharePoint as the Leader in The Forrester Wave Report – Enterprise Content Management – Business Content Services, second quarter of 2017.

With our experience, with the launch of SharePoint 2016 and ongoing advancements in Office 365 features, SharePoint Online has become the best and trusted platform in organizations. This has enabled top-notch organizations to effectively migrate their content to cloud services. Also, the hybrid possibilities have gained trust amongst various industries. Not to forget, the Microsoft FastTrack migration program is also a winning example by providing support for users to migrate their files from their custom data centers/SharePoint On-Prem Instances.

According to Forrester, features like eDiscovery, social graphic and analytics is an important focus for customers. Customers report a high degree of satisfaction with integration capabilities but report issues with usability and the ability to use metadata to restrict access to documents.

Speaking about Business Content Services, it emphasizes on content creation, policy and re-use. With SharePoint Online, there has been drastic changes from content retention archives to collaboration-powered tools along with security and reuse.

What are the principles for Content Services?

  • Create
  • Coordinate
  • Protect and
  • Harvest
  1. Create

Your documents must be created, collected and classified properly to get your tasks done.

  1. Coordinate

You can share, coauthor and discuss with your colleagues using metadata, groups, Microsoft Teams, Flow, taxonomy and PowerApps.

  1. Protect

You will be able to reduce risk with information architecture, lifecycle, auditing, eDiscovery and Rights Management.

  1. Harvest

You can now intelligently discover, search, analyze, dispose and reuse content effectively.

End notes of the report:

  1. 87% of the surveyed Enterprise Content Management decision makers have planned to continue application deployments in 2017.
  2. The top 2 drivers for Enterprise Content Management systems are: Enhanced compliance and digitization of business procedures.
  3. Lack of expertise/skills, user adoption and varying classification all together makes it to the list of top challenges facing information management programs every year.
  4. 33 percent of the surveyed Enterprise Content Management decision makers were actively using smartphones or accessing their ECM applications. 39 percent of the users are planning to move to mobile by 2017-2018 and 28 percent of users have no plans to bring in mobility for their ECM.