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Outlook Customer Manager – Out with Enhanced Capabilities!

Have you tried out the latest Outlook Customer Manager? It offers you a revolutionary way to track and grow your customer relationships directly from your Outlook application. Microsoft has come released this new feature for Outlook for iOS and Web (currently available to O365 Business Premium subscribers globally). Outlook Customer Manager helps you to maintain customer relationships more efficiently with the help of intelligent reminders and Bing, Cortana and Microsoft Flow integrations.

Accessing Outlook Customer Manager

Get customer information with the Outlook Customer Manager add-on that is available for Outlook iOS.

For the web version, just click on Outlook Customer Manager icon to get the customer information like meetings, emails, notes, files, calls, deals, deadlines and of course: tasks. In the future, Microsoft plans to add a detailed view of the deals and customers.

Viewing Customer Info on your Outlook for Web.

Outlook Customer Manager is widely available in 39 different languages! In Bing, when you accept a suggestion, a website or business address information, it gets automatically updated in the company’s profile in Outlook Customer Manager. Make sure to check “English-US” as your language in the language setting available on your Outlook to make this available.


  1. When will Outlook Customer Manager show up in my account?
  2. Microsoft is actively rolling out the service in all regions, and expect to be fully rolled out in the next few weeks. The Outlook Customer Manager icon will appear on the home tab in Outlook for Windows as soon as it is rolled out to your account.
  3. When will I see the option to schedule meetings with Cortana?
  4. This feature is currently only available for a limited number of users in the First Release program. Microsoft will be fine-tuning this feature with preview feedback before releasing it broadly.

Ready to learn more about how your business can use Microsoft products to improve customer relationships while increasing efficiency and productivity? Reach out to the experts at Dock and we’ll help your business realize its full potential.


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