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What’s your Favorite Feature in SharePoint 2016?

We have been seeing lot of developments on SharePoint platform and many of the users are finding it great for their work today. We had a great month with lot of companies placing orders for Dock Intranet Portal and one reason behind this success is of course, the SharePoint Intranet Platform!


For people who haven’t gone with SharePoint 2016 or planning to upgrade, check out some of the favorite features we have heard from our customers:

1.Latest Team Site & Office 365 Groups Interface

Microsoft has been investing heavily on Office 365 Groups lately along with the integration with SharePoint Team Sites. What is the difference between Office 365 Groups and Team Sites? Confused? Don’t worry and there is no need for comparison as O365 Groups is just a membership management of users into the Active Directory Groups — which means it syncs with your existing SharePoint, Exchange, Teams and Planner for provisioning it for the group you need to create.

2. Microsoft Teams

If you have watched our video on Microsoft Teams, we have created 3 teams namely, Dock Intranet Ninjas, Global Infonet Champs and AD Team. We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for tracking our Sales Contacts and Companies, Google Analytics and Power BI for Analytics, SharePoint (of course, that’s our sustenance) and MailChimp for Email Marketing.

If you come across the Team Hub, you have the provision to access Files right from the SharePoint Libraries and your own OneDrive Folders. There is no switching back to different windows to share content. Everything is available in one single window!

3. New Interface and UI

The best part of SharePoint is its visual appearance. We all know that Microsoft SharePoint has always been known for its document management capability and list-based. If you see the latest SharePoint version, SharePoint 2016, the User Interface has come out with clear headings and images. Something like OneDrive, you will be able to drag/drop documents into various folders, organize the file structures within your screen!

4. The Hybrid Capability!

As per our experience, 90 percent of the financial institutions will move to hybrid-based solutions by end of 2017. Reason? We are live with our smartphones and how about having all your work-related features with a click of a button? In this era, companies are looking forward to leveraging cloud environments. Features like Hybrid Search and other workflows are easily available within SharePoint 2016. What more can you ask for?

5. You will love Mobility!

Before I write about this, please download the mobile app ASAP. SharePoint is available in your hands, anytime and anywhere! With this new feature that came last year (June 21, 2016), Microsoft has assured seamless and responsive mobile app and its user experience is immense!

6. OneDrive for Business — For your Business!

If you come across the document libraries in SharePoint 2016, it has followed very much like OneDrive which makes it easier for new users too to start working. With the integration capabilities, there is a great boost for OneDrive so users will be able to collaborate, create and edit documents for their SharePoint Sites. Once the final document is ready, it can be transferred between Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Check out our Video on “How to use Microsoft Flow to Integrate with your SharePoint?”. This is a great feature for Hybrid SharePoint environments. Especially for the below scenario.

Let’s say your Sales Rep is on-the-go after meeting his client. He picks up the budgetary quote from the on-prem SharePoint 2016 Interface and works on the cloud and directly shares from the folder to the client. How easier can this be, isn’t it? Also, co-authoring the document with your colleagues saves lot of time and keeps your team in the same page!

7. Office Graph

Office Graph helps in serving content and activity which is relevant to the end-user. Even Delve (which you can access by navigating through the left top most icon in your Office 365 Page) offers seamless user experience where it allows you to see your colleague’s files which they were working on. Hover on the contact cards to experience this when you are in O365 Environment.

Also, another recommended practice is to push on-premise data into Delve through SharePoint search. Let Office Graph show the information to the users. That’s it! You just made your content discover-able for your users irrespective if its on-prem or cloud based.

The Future: Content Targeting

This is very essential for organizations that are spread across the country. We have couple of clients who work at different locations. You don’t want them to see content which is irrelevant right? This is where Content Targeting comes into picture. Your users will see content based on characteristics like Job Role, Department, Location, Skills etc.

A great way to get rid of lot of emails, isn’t it? In terms of communications perspective, this is a great move.

If you want to learn more about SharePoint, visit our Dock Video Channel.


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