Why Office 365 is a “Game Changer for today’s Business?

With over 1.2 Billion Office users and sixty Million Office 365 commercial users (As of March 31, 2016), Microsoft is expanding its Office 365 services with more advanced features and upgrades – which has increased its user adoption over the years. Office 365 is not merely an Email Exchange App, but enables organizations to build their own apps to integrate with Office 365 today!

As per Gartner Reports, 78 percent of the responses show that the users intend to use/planning to use O365. The quick adoption rate needs O365 services such as SharePoint Online to boost business extensibility into business processes. Well, the developers need to figure out to understand how to start working on Office 365 development platform.

With Azure PaaS, developers are keen on using APIs and its strength for building user-friendly and productive applications.

Microsoft has been focusing on upgrading its platform for the users to perform customizations (to an extend). This gives the confidence for the customers to trust, implement and follow Microsoft technology for their growth.

Let us see couple of areas where O365 is generating development opportunities for the developers:

·       Demand for Office 365 platform – Gone are the days of Server driven applications. Various companies are moving into Microsoft Cloud with flexible Office 365 options. This helps in automating their business processes easily and efficiently. What’s in for the developers? They can determine on how much they can fix the challenges through programming and justify their thoughts on building additional requirements on top of the O365 platform.

·       Advanced Features with Microsoft Azure – Microsoft cloud services is offering opportunities from machine learning to SQL. The developers can access the development environments, hosting services and code source control from Azure which are the most essential services.

·       Open Source (GitHub and Microsoft Community) – Open source is indeed a perfect option for the developers so that they can contribute codes for further enhancements in the software community. Over the years, Microsoft has been participating in the open source community (Especially bringing .NET to Linux and mobile application development. Today, Microsoft leads the charts with most open source contributions followed by Facebook, Docker and Angular

·       Developers get motivated with Revenue-generating apps – Developers get motivated to build applications as they have opportunities to list their apps on Microsoft Marketplace where all O365 users can go ahead and purchase these apps.

·       Sample codes for Developers – As mentioned earlier, GitHub and Microsoft Community has been providing immense support for the developers to come up with great add-ons and apps. Let Microsoft re-invent the wheel by providing Vanilla Ice-cream and the developers to work on the toppings!

Microsoft is on its mission to develop zero-code solutions, mobile-friendly applications with minimal customizations. Unlike other platforms, Microsoft is encouraging organizations and its users to build and customize apps as per their desire and technology providers like us love to build additional requirements/addons for Office 365/SharePoint Online and Microsoft .NET technology.




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